Teaching and Outreach

Teaching in AI/ML

  • Lecture “Artificial Intelligence 1” (ZHAW, Fall 2020)

  • Seminar “Machine Intelligence Lab” (ZHAW, Fall 2019)

  • Lecture “Artificial Intelligence 1” (ZHAW, Fall 2019)

  • Seminar “Artificial Intelligence” (ZHAW, Spring 2019)

Teaching in Particle Physics

  • Hands-on computer exercises for lecture on advanced particle physics (Univ. Karlsruhe, 2008)

  • Seminar on LHC physics and key experiments of particle physics (Univ. Karlsruhe, 2007)

  • Lecturer at CTEQ summer school on QCD analysis and phenomenology (St. Feliu, Spain, 2003)

  • Tutor in undergraduate physics course (Univ. Heidelberg, 1998)

  • Instructor in laboratory courses for undergraduate students (Univ. Heidelberg, 1997-2000)

Supervision of Students

  • Supervision of 9 PhD theses: QCD measurements at H1, b-tagging, top quark and Higgs physics at CMS (Univs. Heidelberg and Karlsruhe, 2001-2014)

  • Supervision of a CERN summer student: CMS tracker alignment (CERN, 2005)

  • Supervision of a Diploma student: QCD Monte Carlo implementation (Univ. Heidelberg, 2000)


  • Guided tours of CERN for several German student and other groups (2007-2013)

  • Guide at the LHC exhibition Weltmaschine, Berlin, Germany (2008)

  • CMS experiment tour guide during CERN open day (2008)

  • Translation of public CERN web pages into German language (2005)