I am a senior scientist at Zuerich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW, based in Winterthur, Switzerland. I am a member of ZHAW’s Centre for Artificial Intelligence CAI, managing applied research projects in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. I also teach lectures and seminars for bachelor and master students of computer science. Besides that, I am involved in ZHAW’s digitization initiative (“ZHAW digital”), and I organize the ZHAW Datalab Seminar.

I was chair of ANNPR 2020, the 9th IAPR TC3 Workshop on Artificial Neural Networks in Pattern Recognition, which took place September 2nd-4th, 2020, as a virtual conference.

In a previous life, I performed fundamental research in Particle Physics at major international research Labs such as CERN (Geneva) and DESY (Hamburg). I obtained a PhD in physics from the University of Heidelberg.


Profile page at ZHAW

Dr. Frank-Peter Schilling
ZHAW School of Engineering
Centre for Artificial Intelligence CAI
TN03.64 / Technikumstrasse 71
CH-8401 Winterthur